Aspis Resources

The resources on this site do not guarantee that traumatic events will not occur, but will provide parents, teachers and anyone else tools to help make children safer. Click each icon to learn more.

Mobile Devices

Each mobile device has features and settings that can help parents better monitor, limit and control them.  Click the icon to learn more.

Parental Control/Monitoring Tools

Click the icon to learn about 3rd party apps that are designed to help parents monitor, limit and control their child's digital footprint.

Law Enforcement Links

These links are to law enforcement agenecies or resources.  If you feel like you need to get in contact with law enforcement, click the icon to find out how.

Aspis Blog

Each blog gives insight into the vast digital world our children live in and that has passed some parents by.  To read our blogs to help get caught up, click the icon.


Click the icon to learn more about the different types of mobile applications out there and the dangers they pose to children.

Resources for Schools and Churches

We have personally tested and /or reviewed these products and believe that they can be a valuable asset to making children safer.  Click the icon to check them out.

Available Services and Support

We provide different types of service and support regarding child safety.  Please click the link to see what is available to you and your family.

Helpful Links

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