• Welcome To Aspis Consulting

    Welcome To Aspis Consulting

    Making Children Safer

  • What Aspis is About

    What Aspis is About

    Our goal is to make children safer.  We do this by providing training, tools, and resources to parents, teachers, and any other adult that has positive influence on a child.

  • Our Focus

    Our Focus

    Aspis Consulting offers training that covers general child safety and offers several types of tools and resources.  However, our focus is directed to online and mobile device safety.


The resources on this site are designed to point parents and teachers toward viable solutions to help make their children safer.


It is difficult to find time to attend lengthy trainings , so we develop and present live trainings in person or online in the form of webinars.


We understand that technology can be complicated, so we offer private consults in person, by phone, or even video conference.

Featured App 2019

Bark utilizes data science, machine learning and pattern matching for more accurate alerts. These alerts are combined with research-based, actionable recommendations for addressing the issue head-on, putting more power in parents' hands to help address digital dangers.  Watch the video for more information or click the button to try Bark free for 7 days.

Mobile Alternatives

Studies show that adolescents that remain inactive will be more likely to develop more severe health problems as they get older.  This section introduces parents to physical activities that will help keep their children active and healthy.

Staying Motivated

Step #1: Be Vigilant

Being a parent in this digital age is not for the weak and weary, but for those that are willing to fight for their child's well being.  Building precepts and habits in your child from the time they are born until they are on their own is detrimental to their safety.

Step #2:

Technology changes at an extremely rapid rate, to the point that it is difficult for professionals to keep up.  Getting educated on current digital trends and continuing to learn new techniques to monitor, limit and control your child's digital footprint will give you, the parent, solid platform to work.

Step #3: Network with Others

No one can do this alone!  Lean on others in your community that share in this struggle and work together to find solutions that work for you and your family.  Reach out to us with any question, concern or problem any time.

Want to Host a Training?

Follow these 3 simple steps to host a live training or webinar.

Step One

Send and email to info@aspisconsulting.org  letting us know what training you wish to host  and your contact information. 

Step Two

Work with an Aspis Consultant to set a date, time and location.

Step Three

Promote, promote, promote!!! 

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About Our Company:

We are a nonprofit company based out of Tyler, Texas that simply wishes to make children safer.  We provide research based training that will point parents, teachers and anyone else desiring to make children safer, in the right direction and equip them with tools and resources needed to do so.

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